Saturday, January 9, 2010

Girl in the Mirror


I was once lost and scared
people came and consoled a lot
explained me stuffs
wished me good luck
told me to "try and be happy"

But then I saw a girl
she was standing there
near the door
I wondered who she is
where she is from

She looked lost...scared...tired
she was looking at me
I was staring back at her
her black eyes questioning me
the same questions that were running through my mind

I was somewhat dazed
I smiled at her to cheer her up
she smiled back
I moved forward for a handshake
she too walked towards me
suddenly I laughed
and she also laughed
we both looked at each other
and smiled
It was a mirror
with my reflection on it
I found it funny
how I had myself
become my own consoler
hapiness lies within
is what the girl in the mirror taught me