Friday, July 31, 2009

Tag TAg..


TAgged By More Orangee
Where is your cell phone? Doesnt Exist
Relationship? wut?

Your hair? or brown or a mixture of both
Work? I Dont work at all...
Your sister? Dont have one (I thank thee Lord for this.. :P )
Your favorite thing? going on walks...(not those morning walks were ppl run instead of walking

Your dream last night? Me falling from a building (again!!!)
Your favorite drink? Lassi
Your dream car? Limmo..
The room youre in? is cuboidal...
Your fears? cockroachessss!!
What do you want to be in 10 years? A tattoo artist..
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Brother
What are you not good at? Painting...
One of your wish list items? to get a complete goth wardrobe
Where you grew up? a house..made of cement n bricks..
Last thing you did? Eating maggie
What are you wearing? 4 leaves.. lolzz...
What aren't you wearing? socks....
Your pet? pinkyyy!! <3
Your computer? donno wut itz problem iss~~~!!!
Your life? a rolercoaster
Your mood? mostly dark n gothic....(in other words m evil)
Missing? a few friends...n Sandy..
What are you thinking about right now? When will this questionaire end (wuts dat btw?? :P )
Your kitchen? Want an AC there
Your summer? Is tooo hot
Your favorite color? Black
Last time you laughed? yesterday ( 31st july) on the phone
Last time you cried? dont remember..mah tears have dried mayb..
School? awesum....but bitter sumtyms
Love? Love

Now any1 who reads this tag is supposed to do this tag.... :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scooty (scoterette :P) ki sawari - part 2

Day 2: Day 2 was....well....boom boom clash bang ..! ting..!! Started off again from the same spot...and the same old activity as Day1 .Scooterette going on and on the same speed...some times i would accelerate and my bro would say "Beta dheere!! Udao nhi...aaram se accelerate karo" and the speed would again go down to 10km/ph.Pedestrians walked by...even faster than the speed at which i was riding the Spirit. My bro said "Thoda tez chalao bacchha ...dekho dekho aunty age nikal gayi...aree itna bhi naak na katvao thoda toh accelerate karo!!!" I said "Aree aunty tez bhag rahi hai toh isme meri aur scooty ki kya galti??!! aunty se kaho dheere chale fir tumhe apne aap scooty ki speed zyada lagegi. Chill bhai prakriti ke saundarya ka anand uthate hue chalo itni jaldi bhi kya hai?" Then my bro said "Mujhe koi jaldi nahi hai par scooty ka engine garam ho raha hai and smoke nikal raha hai! Cant you smell the smoke and the petrol idiot??!! C'mon handover the accelerator to me." Then my bro rode it for a little while and handed the haunted thing to me. I started it ...all was going well when suddenly ....CRASH!!! Me and scoterette both going down down down.The first word that came out of my mouth was "f#*k" (sorry).My bro's expression was unreadable. Maybe he was cursing me 'Gadhi pata nahi kya soch rhi thi' etc etc.. and my bro ...such a big one...when he saw that i lost balance and was going to fall he got off and i didnt even got to know!!Well somehow i got up...and went back home.Thank God I didnt get injured.Later back at home my bro was making fun of me.I tolerated that in silence.I was terrified after that fall. All i was thinking was 'Am such a big fool! How the hell did i let it happen?What the hell was I thinking??' . At night I was having weird dreams...i dreamt that me in front bro at back and then suddenly i accelerated and it went out of control...bro somehow got off and i got crashed with a wall and had broken my nose and hands and dont know what else and was covered in blood.So terrified was i that whenever my school bus passes beside that college , the same dream haunts me again!!

Day 3: you will never get to know about day3 because there is no day 3. I quit!! I dont wanna ride that ghost again..!

( i know it wasnt the fault of the scoterette and that is was my fault that i crashed so am sorry that i cursed it )

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scooty ki sawari....

Dad has many friends out here...and his friends love me a lot . One of his friend decided to gift me the scooty which his daughter used to ride earlier.It was (and still is) a Bajaj spirit..(sounds like a ghost) .It's all black..and gives the complete look of a ghost or vampire or whatever.So my first driving leson was on 20th July 2009.

Day 1 : Went to a college nearby to learn...Bro sat at the back and me in the front.He showed me how to accelerate and decelerate . I have never rode a bicycle before let alone a i knew it's gonna be difficult for me and nature doesnt like me much (because I am a vampire and destroy and consume Mother Nature's creatures because they are eatables for me) So bro at back , me at front....started the started shaking like anything (It was difficult for me to balance it) . I tried my best...used all my muscle power to balance it and to stop the shaking...but it wouldnt stop.Then the zig zag thing started.The scooty would go suddenly at the left ,then my bro had to turn it the other way and hand over the accelerator and brakes in my custody. And again the scooty would go to the extreme right. Then me and my bro held the accelerator together so that i learn how to balance.My bro was giving all sorts of instructions and sometimes muttering words of disgrace in annoyance. He would say "Beta keep one of your legs up" . Then the instruction changed and it was "Keep one of your leg's down and pull it up only when you feel that you have reached the desired speed and balance" . Then the instruction changed to "Meri maa.. keep both of your limbs down ..."It wasnt even 10 Km/ph and I was scared.(such a lamb!!)Then my bro decided that it was enough for one day (or rather say he had had enough for one day .. :P ) so we retreated....from the battlefield...(it seemed like a battlefield for me...people shooting out weird glances at us ,my bro's anathema's about me in his dark mind , me struggling to balance and to survive a cardiac arrest i.e. "if" i exceed the speed limit and crash my scooty and etc etc...) While returning back...i felt like a small kid sitting in the front of the scooty with her daddy. People..gave weird glances guy even said "Good yaaar!!" to make fun of was so embarassing....if any of my friend sees that...then am so dead!! They will go and announce it in the school and i'll hav to spend the rest of my year (probably till 12th ) hiding my face in shame.

2 be cont......