Sunday, December 27, 2009



Boredom! Boredom! everywhere

I find it in everyone and everywhere i stare
In the school and in my house
In love and everywhere people lounge

In the school I find teachers loitering
Nothing to do rather than jabbering
They scream and shout and touch up their make up
They talk about studies and how to just mug up
They bore me a lot ,they bore me the extreme
They bore me as much as no one can dream

The girls in my class oh they are so rude
They talk about boys and are full of attitude
They talk about dates,they talk about apparels
They giggle in between and talk just senseless

The boys in my class are very good pals
But they bore me the most when they talk about gals
They talk about cars,they talk about bikes
It's okay till they don't talk about chicks

And then comes the category of uncles and aunts
they never arrive on time and just know how to gulp up stuffs
They gossip and gossip till its late night
They never get tired but know how to bore me up right

There are millions of people in this world
Most have nothing to do and just act blur
For all those people I have just one thing to say
Just get a life and stop freakin other people away

And here I end my boring rhyme
With just another word or two to declare
Boredom!Boredom! everywhere
I find it in everyone and everywhere i stare

The above stuff shouldnt be taken seriously.No offence meant while writing this....Its just that i was gettin bored and this stuff came into my mind..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Indian Weddings


A few days ago I went to a wedding,a typical Indian wedding.As usual was observing people.One of my friend happened to be there and accompanied me the whole evening.She told me the reason of her arrival "Mujhe bas khane se matlab hai" ("All i care about is gorging on food") and sure she proved that.One after the other she tried loads of stuffs while i had only one thing is mind 'I'll go home and have dinner whicj I cooked. No way am eating all this.' But I was bound to eat something so had some stuffs.Well yea I was observing people there and the thing that caught my attention were the species of aunties.It was a cold winter night and I was all wrapped up in my leather jacket but lookin at those aunties it seemed as if it was summer.They had brought shawls with themselves.Occasionally they wrapped it around themselves and after some time put it off and keep them on their laps.The wedding was held at an open lawn so it was really cold....but the chill doesnt bother the aunties.The aunties reminded me of my childhood days when i refused to wear sweaters while going out some where during winters because i thought it would mar my frock's beauty and no one will praise my beautiful frock's embroidery etc (see how fashion conscious I was then unlike now) Around 10 food was served...ah..lovely food...the main attraction of such events.The groom did arrive before the food was served only to be greeted by some family members and some girls...including me and my friend while the others were at the other end of the lawn...uh..eating.The happiness on my friend's face was remarkable as it was dinner time and 'use toh bas khane se matlab hai' (all she cares about is gorging on food).I just had salad and pasta as I had other plans inside my head and after an hour or so we came back home at around 12.I had dinner and then sat down to write this blog post.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Friend


You held me
when no one would

You loved me
whenever you could

You carried me home in your arms
whenever I was lost somewhere

You gave me company
whenever I was lonely

You wiped back my tears
and made me smile

You taught me to live
you taught me to laugh

You took patience
and listened to whatever i had to say

I thought you were real
I thought you would never leave me
Thought all the promises you made
were true

But you were leaving actually
Hey friend,wont you please stay?

And now that you have left
you taught me to live alone,without you
you taught me to smile through sadness
you taught me to cherish every moment and that each moment was precious

Nothing stays on forever is what I learnt from this
you were and still are such a wonderful little friend
I know you didnt intend to hurt me
It was the time which was wrong
deep inside under all that hatred you show
somewhere you still love me
,maybe you dont realise that
but i do

Anyways...chod naa yaar.....I forgive you :P :D
because for me you are still the same little stubborn friend of mine
and you know what I will always continue to love you..

No Difference!!


A few months ago I was in Amritsar to visit the Golden temple. After visiting it we still had a lot of time in hand(why do people say "time in hand?") so dad decided that we go and see the "Wagah border" .In the evening we went there and saw the parade and all.Soldiers handsomely dressed marching around.A guy with a mike in hand screaming all sorts of instructions.I was wondering that all they have to do is pull down the flags....why are they dancing around like this?People around me were eating popcorn...I ddnt feel like eating though because it ddnt taste that good.I was getting very bored and hoped that this thing got over soon.The man holding the mike screamed "Ab aap sab baith jaye".Everyone went silent.I was silent from the beginning but suddenly something fascinated me. A group of crows flying from the eastern direction towards the western direction and that is when i opened my mouth and exclaimed "Ohhhh!! So there is no difference between Indian crows and Pakistani crows.!" The people around me stared at me but I ddnt notice and kept on jabbering " And Pakistani breeze and Indian breeze mei bhi koi difference nahi hai....and the trees are also the same!! " My mum and dad were sitting next to me seeing that people were staring they asked me to shut up . We stayed there for a little while more and then we left. None of us spoke in the car.I was still wondering that when there is no difference between the crows and trees and wind....and they live so peacefully together...then why cant we humans also stay peacefully together?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

the weak and the innocent can never last......(actually dunno wut the title shd be)

I ask you why
Why did you have to send me here?
what am i supposed to do?
All sorts of questions buzzing in my mind
Am i not supposed to k now the answers?
Or am I supposed to stay confused forever
Or is it that i have to wait and seek
Seek your answers,have patience

Are you testing me,testing my patience
Are you testing my courage,my faith,my trust
or is it that you are just fooling around
playing with me ,my emotions
are you having enough fun or you want more?
suppose you didnt have enough
suppose you want to drop more obstacles
suppose you want to turn my life into living hell

You turned my grassy path into a road full of thorns
hungry cannibals lingering around the path
waiting,waiting for me to quit
to give up,to beg for mercy
to bow my head infront of my misery
they wait for my faith to die out
my every hope washed off
my only ray of light muted

Keep on trying,wont stop you
keep on breaking every special bond i share
keep on shattering,my dreams,my hopes
keep on breaking my heart,my will
Go on,break every bone in my soul
tear out my flesh,drain out my blood
do everything you want
but get one thing clear
you'll never win,you will never succeed
because i aint gonna quit
will fight you till the end
and will die with courage in my eyes
such courage that you will feel guilty
so guilty that you will be bound
to fulfil my wishes ,my commands
fulfil every dream of mine
strenghthen the bonds and never ever
interfere in my life

I dont know what the above stuff means. It just came into my mind.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sandarbh Prasang Bhavarth-1

American Idiot -Amriki Bevkoof

संकेत- Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new media
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mind f**k America

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be okay

Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who're meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

सन्दर्भ-प्रस्तुत पंक्तिया अमरीकी बेवकूफ नमक कविता से उद्घृत की गयी है.इसके कवि हरा दिन (greenday) है .

प्रसंग- प्रस्तुत पंक्तियों में अमरीकी बेवकूफ के बारे में बताया गया है।

भावार्थ- कवि कहते है -'मुझे अमरीकी बेवकूफ नही बनना है न ही मै चाहता हु की मेरा देश मीडिया के नक्शे कदमो पर चले.क्या आप पागलपन की आवाज़ को सुन सकते है? शायद वोह आवाज़ दिमाग में सही से नही गया ____ अमरीकियों के . आपका स्वागत है इस नए प्रकार की चिंता में जो इस पुरी परजीवी देश में फ़ैल चुका है जहा सब कुछ सही होना सही नही है। दूरदर्शन कल का सपना है और हम उन में से नही है जिनको सिर्फ़ पीछा करना आता है जैसे की यह झगरा करने के लिए काफी है.

(हम चट रहे थे इसलिए यह बकवास लिखा)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Independence Day


15th of August..... India celebrates its 62nd Independence day !! 62 years of Independence from the English men.But I think India's still not independent.People still dont have the independence to breathe freely in the country's air.They have this constant fear especially on this day that some xyz terrorist organisation might attack their city... People especially women have this constant fear from their own country men that some one might follow them up to some corner and then rape them. "All Indian's are my brothers and sisters"....really?? Will someone really rape their sister...yes one would do that unless he's a retard. So...Indian men are retards..Am not saying all of them are.Few of them are good and care for their society.. their country but those who do..are either beaten up someday so that they cant stand against any wrong or their mouths are filled with notes so that they cant speak up..We complain that the government aint doing anything....but have we ever thought that we are the one who elect our government? Why blame the government....when we ourselves are at fault...! comes one more question...whom to elect? All of them are corrupt!!! Just a few weeks before the elections these oldies come up to our doorsteps...make promises...promise to fulfill them...and then...take away our vote .....and all is gone...then survive years more of the suckin government.I think the kiddos have much more brain and civic sense than these oldies and even can teach these oldies a lesson or two. The oldies have become old and cant work much...all they can do is sit in a chair...and gobble money.Now the Indian government should be composed of young blood. Start a fresh new young start.Let young blood flow through our country's veins.

with theses lines i end here...
Jai Hind..!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Student Student ki problem


Nowadays...student life has become very hectic. What's life if one doesnt have fun?Ah...."fun"...the long forgotten word...How I miss those old days...when i used to collect snails and grasshoppers..and did all crazy stuffs..But study all the my parents favourite rhyme!Almost every student wakes up at about 6 am...goes to the bathroom...gets ready and then goes to school.Spends around 6hrs there...comes back home..rushes to the coachings..spends around 2 hours there and again back home and then home work..!!! Where the hell is "fun"? Aren't we human beings??? Dont we need a daily dose of amusement? Why the hell are the elders doing this to us?There are so many subjects man...and just one brain to save up the data and process it and give out the output in the exams. One day the cooling system of the brain will stop working and the brain will malfunction...and the children will turn into maniacs! This aint fair! Atleast let the kiddos enjoy enjoy their 'bachpan'. I have seen my father working long hours at the office and then coming back home and again reviewing files etc. What will happen to us? Right now we are gobbling bookish stuffs like maniacs and then when we have a job we'll have to go through files like maniacs!!!! Are we born just to be turned into maniacs?Little children making projects on wildlife,endangered species etc.What will they do when they will have to make projects for their companies when they grow up?Wont they get bored of making projects?What's the use of making projects anyways...nobody reads a damn thing in it!
The elders should stop treating the kids brutally....else one day the "bachha party" will attack the elders and take their revenge!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tag TAg..


TAgged By More Orangee
Where is your cell phone? Doesnt Exist
Relationship? wut?

Your hair? or brown or a mixture of both
Work? I Dont work at all...
Your sister? Dont have one (I thank thee Lord for this.. :P )
Your favorite thing? going on walks...(not those morning walks were ppl run instead of walking

Your dream last night? Me falling from a building (again!!!)
Your favorite drink? Lassi
Your dream car? Limmo..
The room youre in? is cuboidal...
Your fears? cockroachessss!!
What do you want to be in 10 years? A tattoo artist..
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Brother
What are you not good at? Painting...
One of your wish list items? to get a complete goth wardrobe
Where you grew up? a house..made of cement n bricks..
Last thing you did? Eating maggie
What are you wearing? 4 leaves.. lolzz...
What aren't you wearing? socks....
Your pet? pinkyyy!! <3
Your computer? donno wut itz problem iss~~~!!!
Your life? a rolercoaster
Your mood? mostly dark n gothic....(in other words m evil)
Missing? a few friends...n Sandy..
What are you thinking about right now? When will this questionaire end (wuts dat btw?? :P )
Your kitchen? Want an AC there
Your summer? Is tooo hot
Your favorite color? Black
Last time you laughed? yesterday ( 31st july) on the phone
Last time you cried? dont remember..mah tears have dried mayb..
School? awesum....but bitter sumtyms
Love? Love

Now any1 who reads this tag is supposed to do this tag.... :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scooty (scoterette :P) ki sawari - part 2

Day 2: Day 2 was....well....boom boom clash bang ..! ting..!! Started off again from the same spot...and the same old activity as Day1 .Scooterette going on and on the same speed...some times i would accelerate and my bro would say "Beta dheere!! Udao nhi...aaram se accelerate karo" and the speed would again go down to 10km/ph.Pedestrians walked by...even faster than the speed at which i was riding the Spirit. My bro said "Thoda tez chalao bacchha ...dekho dekho aunty age nikal gayi...aree itna bhi naak na katvao thoda toh accelerate karo!!!" I said "Aree aunty tez bhag rahi hai toh isme meri aur scooty ki kya galti??!! aunty se kaho dheere chale fir tumhe apne aap scooty ki speed zyada lagegi. Chill bhai prakriti ke saundarya ka anand uthate hue chalo itni jaldi bhi kya hai?" Then my bro said "Mujhe koi jaldi nahi hai par scooty ka engine garam ho raha hai and smoke nikal raha hai! Cant you smell the smoke and the petrol idiot??!! C'mon handover the accelerator to me." Then my bro rode it for a little while and handed the haunted thing to me. I started it ...all was going well when suddenly ....CRASH!!! Me and scoterette both going down down down.The first word that came out of my mouth was "f#*k" (sorry).My bro's expression was unreadable. Maybe he was cursing me 'Gadhi pata nahi kya soch rhi thi' etc etc.. and my bro ...such a big one...when he saw that i lost balance and was going to fall he got off and i didnt even got to know!!Well somehow i got up...and went back home.Thank God I didnt get injured.Later back at home my bro was making fun of me.I tolerated that in silence.I was terrified after that fall. All i was thinking was 'Am such a big fool! How the hell did i let it happen?What the hell was I thinking??' . At night I was having weird dreams...i dreamt that me in front bro at back and then suddenly i accelerated and it went out of control...bro somehow got off and i got crashed with a wall and had broken my nose and hands and dont know what else and was covered in blood.So terrified was i that whenever my school bus passes beside that college , the same dream haunts me again!!

Day 3: you will never get to know about day3 because there is no day 3. I quit!! I dont wanna ride that ghost again..!

( i know it wasnt the fault of the scoterette and that is was my fault that i crashed so am sorry that i cursed it )

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scooty ki sawari....

Dad has many friends out here...and his friends love me a lot . One of his friend decided to gift me the scooty which his daughter used to ride earlier.It was (and still is) a Bajaj spirit..(sounds like a ghost) .It's all black..and gives the complete look of a ghost or vampire or whatever.So my first driving leson was on 20th July 2009.

Day 1 : Went to a college nearby to learn...Bro sat at the back and me in the front.He showed me how to accelerate and decelerate . I have never rode a bicycle before let alone a i knew it's gonna be difficult for me and nature doesnt like me much (because I am a vampire and destroy and consume Mother Nature's creatures because they are eatables for me) So bro at back , me at front....started the started shaking like anything (It was difficult for me to balance it) . I tried my best...used all my muscle power to balance it and to stop the shaking...but it wouldnt stop.Then the zig zag thing started.The scooty would go suddenly at the left ,then my bro had to turn it the other way and hand over the accelerator and brakes in my custody. And again the scooty would go to the extreme right. Then me and my bro held the accelerator together so that i learn how to balance.My bro was giving all sorts of instructions and sometimes muttering words of disgrace in annoyance. He would say "Beta keep one of your legs up" . Then the instruction changed and it was "Keep one of your leg's down and pull it up only when you feel that you have reached the desired speed and balance" . Then the instruction changed to "Meri maa.. keep both of your limbs down ..."It wasnt even 10 Km/ph and I was scared.(such a lamb!!)Then my bro decided that it was enough for one day (or rather say he had had enough for one day .. :P ) so we retreated....from the battlefield...(it seemed like a battlefield for me...people shooting out weird glances at us ,my bro's anathema's about me in his dark mind , me struggling to balance and to survive a cardiac arrest i.e. "if" i exceed the speed limit and crash my scooty and etc etc...) While returning back...i felt like a small kid sitting in the front of the scooty with her daddy. People..gave weird glances guy even said "Good yaaar!!" to make fun of was so embarassing....if any of my friend sees that...then am so dead!! They will go and announce it in the school and i'll hav to spend the rest of my year (probably till 12th ) hiding my face in shame.

2 be cont......