Friday, December 3, 2010


The reflection you see
Is the same as everyone sees
But not the way I do.
Look carefully
and you "might" see
The little creak of loneliness
like I do.

You might find her scary
You might assume she is heartless
You might have heard that she is cold and grey
But look carefully
She "might" still have a yellow ray
Somewhere hidden inside her.

You might think and rant
"Oh she is such an ice
that she might not even react.
Go see for yourself,
hit,swear do whatever you want
then look at her act"
True she wont even react
But the hurt you caused
Someday or the other,if not her
Someone will make you pay for that.

Every action she does
You humor them
You think she is crazy,out of this world
A total freak and dork
You think she doesn't realize
What you do to her
But my friends
She is much wiser than you thought .

A different approach she had
A different sway she carried
Not staggering, head strong she walked
And people mocked her on and on

I have seen her
I have known her
And she will always be special to me
She is dead now,
But I pity those who mocked her
Because you'll face worse...even more worse
It is not a curse,fate or blame
But the truth which will remain undeniable and undefined
For years and years to come
For whoever mocked a lonesome.