Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back again!

So i haven't been blogging/writing for a while (well more than a while) and i plan to resume doing it again :D cool eh? So  in the past couple of years a lot has happened in my life and around me. (God i feel so rusty ...blogging again! ) . The most recent thing that happened in my life is that i got braces and yes i look like a chipmunk now. How old am i? Yus I am 18. Shouldn't I have got it earlier when I was younger ? Umm...i dont think there is a specific age for this...go ask your dentist. Wont the ridicules affect me more now that I am older . Wait a sec. Hold on. Ridicules? Embarrassment? Why? Because I have metal on my teeth? I am effin Iron Man now kutte ki bacchis! And to those who think I look funny....well yeah thank me. I made you laugh loser. And those who make fun of people with braces...well...ef you. You are pathetic.

There is nothing embarrassing in getting braces. You will be thanking yourself a few years from now because then you'll be having the perfect smile you always wanted!And who says you look weird. You look beautiful gurrl in your own way! Now go to the mirror! Smile your biggest smile! You feel you look weird with the wires? well laugh it off. It doesnt matter to the people who love you ! And to those who make fun of you I dont think they should matter to you in any way...because they are shallow. They cant look beyond the metal on your teeth. 
so go on flash those pearlies. 
its been a few weeks that i got them and i feel nothing different. once a chipmunk ..always a chipmunk 
just kidding

! this app is getting on my nerves now. -_- 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

*totally random*


Okay so there were two engineering students. Both were looking for jobs so they were roaming about in the streets. One was a rattu tota and passed B-tech by rattofying things.He was a kind of person who knew nothing about the latest trends, technology, gadgets etc. The other one was intelligent. Even though he scored well in his engineering exams but still couldnt get placed for a job in the campus recruitments. Both were walking ....walking ....walking....... They finally decided to go in different directions to look for work so they parted ways. The dumb guy walked for a while.....stood infront of Ramsung company's building and started to shout... "Ramsung is the greatest company ever!" . This drama went on for sometime. The manager got to know about this and became very happy. He called the guy into his office and gifted him a new Ramsung milkyway note. He walked out of the building ecstatic. After sometime he went to a park.. sat down on a bench and started to stare at the Note. He started to touch the screen. Nothing would happen. He decided to sit on it...maybe the heat would make it work... so he sat on it. Still nothing would happen. He licked it.. still nothing would happen. He bought some eatables and kept it on the Note thinking that it is just a mere plate sort of thing and started to eat but still the food kept falling off the edges. He became really frustrated. He started to curse the manager and started to walk. After sometime he met his friend (the intelligent guy). He thought that 'chalo isko bevkuf banate hai'(lets try to fool him). He handed over the Note to him saying "Abey pata hai kya tereko, muje ye jadui plate kone ke Shiv mandir ke bahar mila. Isko istemal karne ke baad na mujhe naukri mil gayi Cowgnizant me. Tu bi rakh ke dekh ise. Shayad tera bi luck khul jaye. (You know I got this magical plate {Note} outside Shiv ji's temple . It helped me to land a job in Cowgnizant. You also keep this. Perhaps it can help you to land a job somewhere". Saying this he handed over the Note to him. The intelligent guy being intelligent he knew what it was took it immediately thanking his friend, excused himself and walked away. He sat down on the same park bench , cleaned the gadget and switched it on. Explored stuff in it....switched it off and started to walk towards Ramsung's office. He went inside and told the receptionist that he wanted to talk to the manager on a very important topic. After sometime he was ushered to the manager's office.
Manager: Yes young man, what do you want? What is that important thing that you wanted to talk about?
Young man- (presenting the Note infront of him) Sir I found this on the road, I guess it belongs to you?
Manager- (after having a good look at the Note) Ah yes... I gave this to a young man....he was of your age I guess. Why would he drop this anywhere? Is he stupid?!!
Young man- I dont know Sir. I just came here to return it back to your company. I should leave now.
Manager- No wait, what is your name?
Young man- Sir Ramesh.
Manager- Ah .. Ramesh what do you do?
Ramesh- Sir I just completed my B-tech, I was just walking to my office . I work for Guava. Today is going to be my first day
Manager- (after thinking for sometime) You seem to be an honest person. I want to hire you...we need loyal people here. How much is your salary there...if you dont mind telling me?
Ramesh- It is around 1 lakh.
Manager- (after thinking for sometime) Hmm.. I'll give you 1.5. Would you like to work for us?
Ramesh- (making a sad face) I will have to talk to my boss. Okay Sir I will work for your company.
Manager- Please bring your marksheets tomorrow I would like to have a look. Also bring all the other relevant documents tomorrow to my office.
Ramesh- I have it right now sir. I was just going to submit my documents today. (and handed over the file)
Manager- hmm .. impressive. Tomorrow 9.30 am sharp be here in the office . Dont be late (smiles)
Ramesh - Yes sir. Thank you .
Manager - You may leave now. I'll tell my secretary to take care of the formalities. And Ramesh.. you can keep the Milkyway Note.
Ramesh- Thank you sir.

Ramesh went in with practically nothing in hand. Walked out with a fabulous pay package and a Milkyway Note.

Moral- 1) Be smart. Dont be a rattu tota. Understand things.. dont just mug them up .
2) Never!! Ever!! Treat a Milkyway Note like the way the dumb guy treated it. God gets really angry.
3) Dont lie about God. If there is no corner ka shiv mandir, dont make up a story about it.
4) If you think there is a chance for you to get something, be cunning. Do a lot of drama.
5)Dont involve Shiv ji in everything. Pay equal importance to our other God's also .
6) If you want to avoid so much of drama, please dont take up engineering .
7) Dont take any of this seriously. This is a product of absolute boredom .


Take care.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Food :D

Ya I know I have been posting about food lately. I am so obsessed with food and everything related to it (except the pooping it out part). I love eating . I adore food ! I love the texture , colour, aroma....everything of good food! If you ask me what are the things that I love the most in life.. 1)my family 2)reading 3)food! 4) sleeping (what? you thought that am gonna list food at the first place? Nah I am a good, obedient, loving comes first for me). Now a days I keep having dreams about and yellow rosogullas floating about in the air....on the left side there is shahi paneer...on the right.. tandoori chicken, I am in such a dilemma....what to eat first? If I eat paneer first...will the chicken get angry and stomp off? Or will the rosogullas in the air get angry and pour all the syrup into the paneer so that I cant eat it? I get so worried about their feelings that I sometimes wake  up  sweating! Why is life so difficult at times?! Why cant we have 2 3 mouths so that we can eat everything at the same time? And why cant our dreams (the good ones) turn into reality? Why do we have to wake up to the same old sprouts, banana and milk for breakfast (sometimes karela, bhindi, daal and rice for lunch)!!? I'll go paranoid now thinking about all these questions and the possible answers to these questions. Life is harsh sometimes. You get only one Sanjeev Kapoor in a life time, make sure you end up in his house (or atleast kitchen) in your next life. Its your tummy , make it large.. (did that even make sense?) :3

Take care :D

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry chirstmas:)

Merry Christmas to all ! Hope you all gorged on awesome cakes and goodies and had a lot of fun. If you didnt for some reason, well 31st is still there.. !! You can have a christmas plus a new year bash, all at the same time!! Well thats positive isnt it? So what if you missed out on an occasion. Life gives us another chance all the time (now dont get filmy and say "Life me chance bar bar nahi aata"). There's always a second chance! We just have to look out for it. So what if you failed, so what if you couldnt get a job, try again but this time with all your heart ! So this New Year live life to the fullest, without any regrets or laments!This is my new year resolution, what's your's?

 Happy New Year to all!! :)  

Sunday, October 30, 2011


So plans of going to the home town place thingy got cancelled. Will go on Tuesday (maybe). Today went to a place called Canary park... didn't see any canaries... but anyways that place was really beautiful (and I saw gigantic spiders with huge I cant sleep tonight). Then went to the wildlife sanctuary to see deer and stuff. But sadly saw only two four legged herbivores (one of them was a cow) . Anyways the place was dusty and green. If you want to spoil any beautiful place in the world, call in the humans! Yes they are an expert plus they don't charge anything! Their services are free of cost! Even in that forest I could see chips packets and plastic bottles. A day will come when the animals will get into our houses and poop and I would say that they are doing the right thing.

Anyways mummy is cooking (hopefully) something good for me. I did this really massive hartal because mummy was feedin me only vegetables, and I guess the hartal worked (but I am still getting vegetables but cooked in a better way) .

Ever felt a strong urge to do something that you really want to do but you cant (I am not talking about potty) ? Well I am feeling the same way too, I want to do something for the animals, perhaps keep them in my own house but no one would permit me to do that and maybe I can get into trouble for that.

Anyways I have to go take my medz, season change..sniffing and coughing

Take care.. :) 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recently I finished a book named "To kill a mocking bird" by Harper Lee. It is very unlikely of me to finish off a book within a week. I read books only when I am jobless. But this novel was.... simply beautiful. The part where Tom Robinson (the black guy accused of raping a white girl) dies, I actually cried. And the part where Scout (daughter of Atticus Finch, the white lawyer defending Tom) actually meets Boo Radley, I felt as if I am standing in front of Boo myself! Atticus Finch is the best character I have ever come across. He actually teaches us how to handle kids without raising our voice or spanking them ( therefore its a must read for Indian . Even under so much of pressure he is always calm. The whole story is beautifully narrated from the view point of an eight year old girl ('Scout' Jean Louise Finch), you feel as if you are eight year old again. Overall I loved this book!!

I am going to my home town in a few hours, therefore I am busy packing stuffs. Haven't been there since the last 3-4 years. Lets see what all has changed there.

Take care  :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Living alone

I have come across many people saying  something like"Wow, awesome you seriously live alone? Like without parents? Lucky you!" Two or three  years back even I thought the same way when I though of kids living alone in a totally different city , without parents or nagging relatives . I thought , how lucky they must be, going out with friends without permission, coming home late etc...must be so much fun. But now that I live alone (well technically not alone..there are three other girls) I realized that living alone is not all about going out with friends or coming home late or whatever. With living alone comes in  a lot of responsibility. Since am just 16, all this "responsibility"  is like really magnified for me. All this stuff is really new for me and plus there is school work(technically not a school but more of like a college) on top of that. I have to wash my own clothes, make sure it dries up well, fold em and keep then back in my cupboard, prepare my own breakfast and tiffin, sometimes clean up the flat etc etc (things that I have never done before). So what, almost everybody does that.. so many kids live alone. Its easy to say...but anyways maybe I will get used to it like the others. Since it was my first two months without parents I didn't know really well how to do stuffs without it affecting my studies or health. A few weeks back I got to know that I lost 8kgs. Now even my most tightest jeans hangs around my waist like a pajama. Hope I gain weight soon and learn "the rules of living alone" soon. So if any of you are planning to live alone in the near future think again! And if you are really determined to live alone, my first advice will be EAT whatever you get and never ever go on without food even for a few hours.

Take care :)

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