Saturday, March 8, 2014

Back again!

So i haven't been blogging/writing for a while (well more than a while) and i plan to resume doing it again :D cool eh? So  in the past couple of years a lot has happened in my life and around me. (God i feel so rusty ...blogging again! ) . The most recent thing that happened in my life is that i got braces and yes i look like a chipmunk now. How old am i? Yus I am 18. Shouldn't I have got it earlier when I was younger ? Umm...i dont think there is a specific age for this...go ask your dentist. Wont the ridicules affect me more now that I am older . Wait a sec. Hold on. Ridicules? Embarrassment? Why? Because I have metal on my teeth? I am effin Iron Man now kutte ki bacchis! And to those who think I look funny....well yeah thank me. I made you laugh loser. And those who make fun of people with braces...well...ef you. You are pathetic.

There is nothing embarrassing in getting braces. You will be thanking yourself a few years from now because then you'll be having the perfect smile you always wanted!And who says you look weird. You look beautiful gurrl in your own way! Now go to the mirror! Smile your biggest smile! You feel you look weird with the wires? well laugh it off. It doesnt matter to the people who love you ! And to those who make fun of you I dont think they should matter to you in any way...because they are shallow. They cant look beyond the metal on your teeth. 
so go on flash those pearlies. 
its been a few weeks that i got them and i feel nothing different. once a chipmunk ..always a chipmunk 
just kidding

! this app is getting on my nerves now. -_-