Sunday, December 27, 2009



Boredom! Boredom! everywhere

I find it in everyone and everywhere i stare
In the school and in my house
In love and everywhere people lounge

In the school I find teachers loitering
Nothing to do rather than jabbering
They scream and shout and touch up their make up
They talk about studies and how to just mug up
They bore me a lot ,they bore me the extreme
They bore me as much as no one can dream

The girls in my class oh they are so rude
They talk about boys and are full of attitude
They talk about dates,they talk about apparels
They giggle in between and talk just senseless

The boys in my class are very good pals
But they bore me the most when they talk about gals
They talk about cars,they talk about bikes
It's okay till they don't talk about chicks

And then comes the category of uncles and aunts
they never arrive on time and just know how to gulp up stuffs
They gossip and gossip till its late night
They never get tired but know how to bore me up right

There are millions of people in this world
Most have nothing to do and just act blur
For all those people I have just one thing to say
Just get a life and stop freakin other people away

And here I end my boring rhyme
With just another word or two to declare
Boredom!Boredom! everywhere
I find it in everyone and everywhere i stare

The above stuff shouldnt be taken seriously.No offence meant while writing this....Its just that i was gettin bored and this stuff came into my mind..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Indian Weddings


A few days ago I went to a wedding,a typical Indian wedding.As usual was observing people.One of my friend happened to be there and accompanied me the whole evening.She told me the reason of her arrival "Mujhe bas khane se matlab hai" ("All i care about is gorging on food") and sure she proved that.One after the other she tried loads of stuffs while i had only one thing is mind 'I'll go home and have dinner whicj I cooked. No way am eating all this.' But I was bound to eat something so had some stuffs.Well yea I was observing people there and the thing that caught my attention were the species of aunties.It was a cold winter night and I was all wrapped up in my leather jacket but lookin at those aunties it seemed as if it was summer.They had brought shawls with themselves.Occasionally they wrapped it around themselves and after some time put it off and keep them on their laps.The wedding was held at an open lawn so it was really cold....but the chill doesnt bother the aunties.The aunties reminded me of my childhood days when i refused to wear sweaters while going out some where during winters because i thought it would mar my frock's beauty and no one will praise my beautiful frock's embroidery etc (see how fashion conscious I was then unlike now) Around 10 food was served...ah..lovely food...the main attraction of such events.The groom did arrive before the food was served only to be greeted by some family members and some girls...including me and my friend while the others were at the other end of the lawn...uh..eating.The happiness on my friend's face was remarkable as it was dinner time and 'use toh bas khane se matlab hai' (all she cares about is gorging on food).I just had salad and pasta as I had other plans inside my head and after an hour or so we came back home at around 12.I had dinner and then sat down to write this blog post.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Friend


You held me
when no one would

You loved me
whenever you could

You carried me home in your arms
whenever I was lost somewhere

You gave me company
whenever I was lonely

You wiped back my tears
and made me smile

You taught me to live
you taught me to laugh

You took patience
and listened to whatever i had to say

I thought you were real
I thought you would never leave me
Thought all the promises you made
were true

But you were leaving actually
Hey friend,wont you please stay?

And now that you have left
you taught me to live alone,without you
you taught me to smile through sadness
you taught me to cherish every moment and that each moment was precious

Nothing stays on forever is what I learnt from this
you were and still are such a wonderful little friend
I know you didnt intend to hurt me
It was the time which was wrong
deep inside under all that hatred you show
somewhere you still love me
,maybe you dont realise that
but i do

Anyways...chod naa yaar.....I forgive you :P :D
because for me you are still the same little stubborn friend of mine
and you know what I will always continue to love you..

No Difference!!


A few months ago I was in Amritsar to visit the Golden temple. After visiting it we still had a lot of time in hand(why do people say "time in hand?") so dad decided that we go and see the "Wagah border" .In the evening we went there and saw the parade and all.Soldiers handsomely dressed marching around.A guy with a mike in hand screaming all sorts of instructions.I was wondering that all they have to do is pull down the flags....why are they dancing around like this?People around me were eating popcorn...I ddnt feel like eating though because it ddnt taste that good.I was getting very bored and hoped that this thing got over soon.The man holding the mike screamed "Ab aap sab baith jaye".Everyone went silent.I was silent from the beginning but suddenly something fascinated me. A group of crows flying from the eastern direction towards the western direction and that is when i opened my mouth and exclaimed "Ohhhh!! So there is no difference between Indian crows and Pakistani crows.!" The people around me stared at me but I ddnt notice and kept on jabbering " And Pakistani breeze and Indian breeze mei bhi koi difference nahi hai....and the trees are also the same!! " My mum and dad were sitting next to me seeing that people were staring they asked me to shut up . We stayed there for a little while more and then we left. None of us spoke in the car.I was still wondering that when there is no difference between the crows and trees and wind....and they live so peacefully together...then why cant we humans also stay peacefully together?