Sunday, December 27, 2009


Boredom! Boredom! everywhere

I find it in everyone and everywhere i stare
In the school and in my house
In love and everywhere people lounge

In the school I find teachers loitering
Nothing to do rather than jabbering
They scream and shout and touch up their make up
They talk about studies and how to just mug up
They bore me a lot ,they bore me the extreme
They bore me as much as no one can dream

The girls in my class oh they are so rude
They talk about boys and are full of attitude
They talk about dates,they talk about apparels
They giggle in between and talk just senseless

The boys in my class are very good pals
But they bore me the most when they talk about gals
They talk about cars,they talk about bikes
It's okay till they don't talk about chicks

And then comes the category of uncles and aunts
they never arrive on time and just know how to gulp up stuffs
They gossip and gossip till its late night
They never get tired but know how to bore me up right

There are millions of people in this world
Most have nothing to do and just act blur
For all those people I have just one thing to say
Just get a life and stop freakin other people away

And here I end my boring rhyme
With just another word or two to declare
Boredom!Boredom! everywhere
I find it in everyone and everywhere i stare

The above stuff shouldnt be taken seriously.No offence meant while writing this....Its just that i was gettin bored and this stuff came into my mind..


Eva O'Dell said...

Sometimes I feel the same way. It can be as if everyone is talking but no one really has anything to say.

deek said...

wel i dun thnk dis was at al a borin rym! rader i fancy dat m kinda facin d same situation!!!! :)