Saturday, December 5, 2009

Little Friend

You held me
when no one would

You loved me
whenever you could

You carried me home in your arms
whenever I was lost somewhere

You gave me company
whenever I was lonely

You wiped back my tears
and made me smile

You taught me to live
you taught me to laugh

You took patience
and listened to whatever i had to say

I thought you were real
I thought you would never leave me
Thought all the promises you made
were true

But you were leaving actually
Hey friend,wont you please stay?

And now that you have left
you taught me to live alone,without you
you taught me to smile through sadness
you taught me to cherish every moment and that each moment was precious

Nothing stays on forever is what I learnt from this
you were and still are such a wonderful little friend
I know you didnt intend to hurt me
It was the time which was wrong
deep inside under all that hatred you show
somewhere you still love me
,maybe you dont realise that
but i do

Anyways...chod naa yaar.....I forgive you :P :D
because for me you are still the same little stubborn friend of mine
and you know what I will always continue to love you..