Saturday, July 2, 2011



Recently a very good friend of mine asked me ... "what is a friend?".... it was around 12.30 am when i saw this message on my phone. I sat confused for a few minutes... and thought about asking him... 'why sucha question in the middle of the night?'. But instead a second thought came into my mind.. 'sahi me yaar, yeh dost  hota kya hai?'..(now don't think that I am a retard or some old hag who doesn't have friends ) . We all have friends in our lives, some have like a million friends .. some have a two or three, some are just time pass friends, some are like really close . It doesn't matter how many friends we have in our lives or how many times we go out with them or how popular we are/are not....what matters is have we ever thought about what a friend is? Is it that person who you prefer to shop with or is it that person who listens to you patiently while you weep and lament over petty things on the phone. Normally we "categorize" friends into different groups.. "shopping friend", "online friend" , "best friend", "good friend" and the occasional "just a friend".....but after all they turn out to be our "friend" no matter what activity we indulge in with them .. ahem.

Now comes the thought " jo dukh me saath de wohi saccha dost hai.. (friends who come to your help when you are in trouble are real friends *pardon my translation*) . True , those who help us in our bad times are our real friends, but we don't have bad times like all the time , do we? Only a few situations determine who is fake and who is real . But here we are talking about friends "in general". If you rewind your memory chances are that you spent some splendid times with those fakies too and you enjoyed it. Chances are that those fakies  taught you something valuable at some point in the past though not so directly (and the most obvious but valuable lesson they taught us was NOT TO TRUST THEM EVER!)  but they did play a significant role in your lives.

Friend real or fake, time pass or close, they are our friends after all. The only difference is that we spend a lot of time with one, less time with other, have completely forgotten some, but can never forget the others. So according to me a friend is someone who we spend time with, and learn something valuable from. (I know you expected a really big and meaningful line ).

This song is dedicated to all my friends whether far or close fake or real , dead or alive... please pause the little ipod thing on the right hand side of the page to listen to the song.