Thursday, February 25, 2010



We are going to some mall or somewhere…some time out with friends or family...we take a camera along with us and snap away pics. We try to capture as many silly, happy, fun moments as we can. Each photo depicts a story. After 3-4 years when we look at them, we try to recall the memory…try to relive the moment again. The feeling is so pleasant when we look at the smiling faces on the photo that we also smile unknowingly. Taking photos of friends and family is a fun task.
 Some people take up photography as a hobby and some people also have photography as their career. My biological brother has also taken up photography as his hobby. Earlier I used to think ‘what interests him in clicking pictures and then later spending hours in front of the PC editing them?’ But now I know. As I said every photo has its own story. It’s really fun deciphering the mystery behind that smile, those eyes, those lips, the blue sky, the setting sun, the broken door, the unfinished painting…. Its amazing to see how such a small thing as a camera can capture so many vivid colors and tell so many stories.
A good photo can bring a change pensive minds to happy minds, make us thoughtful…can even change the world .Now I can also say that “A good camera is mightier than the gun” lol :P :P  With a little practice and some knowledge about photography one can also be a good photographer but the thing should come from the inside.One can try out photography casually here and there but not take it up as a career if he/she is not interested in it.Just because your friend is doing it doesn’t mean that you should also do it(and one should also not do it if one’s mummy or daddy is pushing them near a hungry lion or something dangerous like that because their neighbour  some is some Chase Jarvis and they also want their child to be one…well you’ll be very lucky if you have such an amazing neighbour).Maybe you have some other talent..!! So friends am ending here. Keep clickin..! 
Do view my brother's photography here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Then and Now...


I prowled around freely beside my mother
My father leading us through the thickets
Played with my siblings in the afternoon sun
The brightness smiling upon us.

I used to explore the greenery
A curious and observant cub as i was
I was once fearless and courageous and challenged everything that came my way
As because I was a tiger cub

But now,now everything has changed as I have grown up
The thickets are gone,the greenery lost
The afternoon sun scorching
My fearlessness is gone,my courage diminished
All because of a demon called human

I now walk,measuring my steps on my very own land
Search around for threats in alarm
I fear for my children more than me
Just because of the ruthless creature called man

He is cruel,he is powerful, and he's got all sorts of traps
He can kill us all at once
which he has done before
with just one flick of his hand

And now all I do is pray to God
That He lead us to a better land
Where all the tigers and all the various other animals can strive peacefully
And where no injustice stands

(I know it dsnt rhyme....!!sorry..)