Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Then and Now...

I prowled around freely beside my mother
My father leading us through the thickets
Played with my siblings in the afternoon sun
The brightness smiling upon us.

I used to explore the greenery
A curious and observant cub as i was
I was once fearless and courageous and challenged everything that came my way
As because I was a tiger cub

But now,now everything has changed as I have grown up
The thickets are gone,the greenery lost
The afternoon sun scorching
My fearlessness is gone,my courage diminished
All because of a demon called human

I now walk,measuring my steps on my very own land
Search around for threats in alarm
I fear for my children more than me
Just because of the ruthless creature called man

He is cruel,he is powerful, and he's got all sorts of traps
He can kill us all at once
which he has done before
with just one flick of his hand

And now all I do is pray to God
That He lead us to a better land
Where all the tigers and all the various other animals can strive peacefully
And where no injustice stands

(I know it dsnt rhyme....!!sorry..)


Esther said...

Such nice writings you've got here!! :)
I loved your blog... But where's the follow button girl?

Happy blogging <3

vampire wutever said...

thnxx.. :)

i dnt know werZ the follow button...sumthnz rong with my blog..

Tan said...

Great post!
Lets roar together!!

You will find a similar post in my blog too... hope you read it...

vampire wutever said...