Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Food :D

Ya I know I have been posting about food lately. I am so obsessed with food and everything related to it (except the pooping it out part). I love eating . I adore food ! I love the texture , colour, aroma....everything of good food! If you ask me what are the things that I love the most in life.. 1)my family 2)reading 3)food! 4) sleeping (what? you thought that am gonna list food at the first place? Nah I am a good, obedient, loving comes first for me). Now a days I keep having dreams about and yellow rosogullas floating about in the air....on the left side there is shahi paneer...on the right.. tandoori chicken, I am in such a dilemma....what to eat first? If I eat paneer first...will the chicken get angry and stomp off? Or will the rosogullas in the air get angry and pour all the syrup into the paneer so that I cant eat it? I get so worried about their feelings that I sometimes wake  up  sweating! Why is life so difficult at times?! Why cant we have 2 3 mouths so that we can eat everything at the same time? And why cant our dreams (the good ones) turn into reality? Why do we have to wake up to the same old sprouts, banana and milk for breakfast (sometimes karela, bhindi, daal and rice for lunch)!!? I'll go paranoid now thinking about all these questions and the possible answers to these questions. Life is harsh sometimes. You get only one Sanjeev Kapoor in a life time, make sure you end up in his house (or atleast kitchen) in your next life. Its your tummy , make it large.. (did that even make sense?) :3

Take care :D