Thursday, November 26, 2009

the weak and the innocent can never last......(actually dunno wut the title shd be)

I ask you why
Why did you have to send me here?
what am i supposed to do?
All sorts of questions buzzing in my mind
Am i not supposed to k now the answers?
Or am I supposed to stay confused forever
Or is it that i have to wait and seek
Seek your answers,have patience

Are you testing me,testing my patience
Are you testing my courage,my faith,my trust
or is it that you are just fooling around
playing with me ,my emotions
are you having enough fun or you want more?
suppose you didnt have enough
suppose you want to drop more obstacles
suppose you want to turn my life into living hell

You turned my grassy path into a road full of thorns
hungry cannibals lingering around the path
waiting,waiting for me to quit
to give up,to beg for mercy
to bow my head infront of my misery
they wait for my faith to die out
my every hope washed off
my only ray of light muted

Keep on trying,wont stop you
keep on breaking every special bond i share
keep on shattering,my dreams,my hopes
keep on breaking my heart,my will
Go on,break every bone in my soul
tear out my flesh,drain out my blood
do everything you want
but get one thing clear
you'll never win,you will never succeed
because i aint gonna quit
will fight you till the end
and will die with courage in my eyes
such courage that you will feel guilty
so guilty that you will be bound
to fulfil my wishes ,my commands
fulfil every dream of mine
strenghthen the bonds and never ever
interfere in my life

I dont know what the above stuff means. It just came into my mind.


Neethi said...

wow..tht ws some strong collection o' words..the courage part ws appreciative..!!keep it goin..thts y i sed u r strong..

vampire wutever said...

thnx neethi... :)