Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scooty (scoterette :P) ki sawari - part 2

Day 2: Day 2 was....well....boom boom clash bang ..! ting..!! Started off again from the same spot...and the same old activity as Day1 .Scooterette going on and on the same speed...some times i would accelerate and my bro would say "Beta dheere!! Udao nhi...aaram se accelerate karo" and the speed would again go down to 10km/ph.Pedestrians walked by...even faster than the speed at which i was riding the Spirit. My bro said "Thoda tez chalao bacchha ...dekho dekho aunty age nikal gayi...aree itna bhi naak na katvao thoda toh accelerate karo!!!" I said "Aree aunty tez bhag rahi hai toh isme meri aur scooty ki kya galti??!! aunty se kaho dheere chale fir tumhe apne aap scooty ki speed zyada lagegi. Chill bhai prakriti ke saundarya ka anand uthate hue chalo itni jaldi bhi kya hai?" Then my bro said "Mujhe koi jaldi nahi hai par scooty ka engine garam ho raha hai and smoke nikal raha hai! Cant you smell the smoke and the petrol idiot??!! C'mon handover the accelerator to me." Then my bro rode it for a little while and handed the haunted thing to me. I started it ...all was going well when suddenly ....CRASH!!! Me and scoterette both going down down down.The first word that came out of my mouth was "f#*k" (sorry).My bro's expression was unreadable. Maybe he was cursing me 'Gadhi pata nahi kya soch rhi thi' etc etc.. and my bro ...such a big one...when he saw that i lost balance and was going to fall he got off and i didnt even got to know!!Well somehow i got up...and went back home.Thank God I didnt get injured.Later back at home my bro was making fun of me.I tolerated that in silence.I was terrified after that fall. All i was thinking was 'Am such a big fool! How the hell did i let it happen?What the hell was I thinking??' . At night I was having weird dreams...i dreamt that me in front bro at back and then suddenly i accelerated and it went out of control...bro somehow got off and i got crashed with a wall and had broken my nose and hands and dont know what else and was covered in blood.So terrified was i that whenever my school bus passes beside that college , the same dream haunts me again!!

Day 3: you will never get to know about day3 because there is no day 3. I quit!! I dont wanna ride that ghost again..!

( i know it wasnt the fault of the scoterette and that is was my fault that i crashed so am sorry that i cursed it )


The Solitary Writer said...

haha when will u learn driving....bhai ko bolu...hehehe very funny u r....and dreams aa rahe hai.lolz...:p

aunty wala dialogue i loved it..hehe

The Vitruvian Boy said...

Dont give up..
first learn to ride a bicycle( i assume that u know how to ride a Tobu cycle)

Once u learn to balance a bicycle.... u can handle yr spirit...

And learn fast or else yr dad will gift the same spirit to some other girl.... :D

vampire wutever said...

wutz a tobu cycle???