Friday, August 14, 2009

Independence Day

15th of August..... India celebrates its 62nd Independence day !! 62 years of Independence from the English men.But I think India's still not independent.People still dont have the independence to breathe freely in the country's air.They have this constant fear especially on this day that some xyz terrorist organisation might attack their city... People especially women have this constant fear from their own country men that some one might follow them up to some corner and then rape them. "All Indian's are my brothers and sisters"....really?? Will someone really rape their sister...yes one would do that unless he's a retard. So...Indian men are retards..Am not saying all of them are.Few of them are good and care for their society.. their country but those who do..are either beaten up someday so that they cant stand against any wrong or their mouths are filled with notes so that they cant speak up..We complain that the government aint doing anything....but have we ever thought that we are the one who elect our government? Why blame the government....when we ourselves are at fault...! comes one more question...whom to elect? All of them are corrupt!!! Just a few weeks before the elections these oldies come up to our doorsteps...make promises...promise to fulfill them...and then...take away our vote .....and all is gone...then survive years more of the suckin government.I think the kiddos have much more brain and civic sense than these oldies and even can teach these oldies a lesson or two. The oldies have become old and cant work much...all they can do is sit in a chair...and gobble money.Now the Indian government should be composed of young blood. Start a fresh new young start.Let young blood flow through our country's veins.

with theses lines i end here...
Jai Hind..!


The Vitruvian Boy said...

Jai Hind

Happy independence day.....

And i am waiting for u to join politics.... :)