Sunday, July 18, 2010


Resided in your lovely dark eyes
Wanted to be immersed in them forever
Wanted you to hold me tight and never let go
Your smiling face in front of the mirror
Every morning was what I longed to see.

You after your bath
Sat in front of the mirror
Stared back at the mirror lovingly
and all the while I just admired your beauty
You gently pushed back the few strands
of damp hair from me and tied them in a bun
and gave a final smile at the mirror.

Today is different,today is special
You are wearing a lovely red dress 
with a hint of extra makeup on your face
though you don't need any of that
you'll be beautiful to me always regardless of how you look or what you'r wearing
Tell me are you going somewhere love?
Meeting someone special?
All i can do is wait and see the surprise through your beautiful eyes.

I can see you with a man now
He is holding you and you are all cuddled beside him
How I envy him that he can hold you,touch you
But I console myself
Because whatever that man is to you
He can never take my place 
Because I am forever in your enchanting eyes.

Today is different,today is hard
He is staring at you with a grim face
No understanding,no love in his eyes
He gives a final look at you and leaves
Doesn't even care about the pain you are going through right now
But love,I do
I do,please don't leave me I beg
But thats when you let go of me
I trickled down your otherwise serene seraphic face
Which has turned remorseful today
a single mere drop of tear is what I am to you.....