Saturday, October 9, 2010

Real Happiness

Earlier I thought that happiness relies only in materialistic things. Only if I could hang out with my friends at some mall....only then I could be happy. Only if I had this dress to buy and show off only then I could be happy. Only if I  get more pocket money then I could be happy. Only if i had this only if i had that only if i could go there do this meet them etc etc. It was only all about the things I wanted. It was all about the things I dreamt of having. It was all about 'I'. "I want you to listen to me" , " I want you to do as I say".  All the time it was I.

I remember the times when I used to feel so sad when I didn't posses the things which the children of my age possessed. Like for example an internet connection. I was in I guess 7th standard when I cried my eyes out in front of my dad. I wanted an internet connection because all my friends were on orkut and talked about it the whole day and I felt so left out . I stopped talking to dad and when i talked I used to talk through written notes.Dad explained to me that maybe the other kids had this facility of internet. You'll also have but it'll be the day when I think it's appropriate for your age. And so in my 8th standard I got my internet connection. I didn't even have to beg dad for it. He gave it on his own. ( Later I found Orkut so senseless that I deleted all of my accounts.)

Making a boyfriend/girlfriend at the age of 12 or 13 may seem like that most important thing in the life. We are young and we don't understand that all is not play. At that age we think that if only we had a boyfriend/girlfriend we would be called "cool" and it's so much fun that people tease you with their name. What we don't understand that all this relationship thing require a lot of commitment. We cant just walk in whenever we want to and walk out whenever we wish to. We should get into a relationship only when we think that we are completely ready for it and thats what we don't understand at that age.

You must be thinking that all this must be so embarrassing to confess and stuff. But am not a bit ashamed of confessing all this. It's not just happed with a heck lot of people of my age when they were in 6th or 7th. The only difference is that am confessing it and they are reading it and smiling thinking about the times they had been silly. And I also know that if my juniors read this they wont stop doing the things they are doing. Its the human nature. Cant do anything about it. But one day they will realize like I did. And I wont say that I have grown up and know everything about life and stay away from all this. Am still a kid and commit mistakes,later cry for it, forget about it, commit the same mistake again, think about my previous mistake, relate it with my  current mistake and then realize where the hell did I go wrong. Its like maths. Today we might not be understanding a question. Screwed up the same question in the first and second test. But when the same question is asked a year later we have a better understanding about it and we don't get the question wrong.

Anyways enough about the bad and lecture wala stuff. Lets talk about the topic "Real Happiness" about which the post is about. I kind of realized when I came to Pune. (It's not that everyone has to come to Pune to find out about real happiness) Even though I hated the city at first. But now everything is fine. Happiness is now not about who has  the bigger horse. Maybe it's because I realised what real happiness is....maybe its because of the people. I dont know. But now I dont return home all gloomy as i used to. (Except for the days when I get my marks) Mum now says that I return home looking more lively than in the mornings. What's the secret behind it? Well I just have started enjoying life more. Now I crack silly jokes....laugh all I want and dont care about what people will say if I behave all crazy. If I like it I do it. Eating tiffins in the middle of the class seemed like a crime to me before but now it's fun. It's even more fun when friends say "Yaar tera tiffin matlab mera tiffin. baat ek hi hai." The realisation that you are not the one who hasnt done the homework. Earlier it felt like the end of the world but now its fun. If I my friend hasnt completed the homework and if I have done it the way they say " Yaar aaj mat submit kar...kal de dena please!" and the fact that I immediately agree to it and later when the teacher is gone we laugh like crazy about it is happiness. Earlier sitting online, watching TV or playing computer games or spending money at malls was counted as fun. But now its going on long walks carrying some vada pav and chips and cracking stupid jokes all the way and laughing like crazy on the roads and people staring at you and looking at their weird looks laughing some more is happiness. Before giving a exam a look at your best friend and they say "Yaar fati padi hai" and you know that you are not alone and later laughing about it is happiness. When you are all gloomy and you get messages like " Lilly Oh meri pyari lilly, dont be silly. Bring you'r billi and we will play billi billi" and instantly you laugh is happiness.If there is and exam and the fact that someone is there with you who hasnt stuidied all the chapters is happiness . And also the fact that someone will be there even if it's 3am to explain you the chapter is happiness. If i go on about it I can write a whole book on my experiences of happiness.

All I want to say is....its okay to be kiddish and immature. Be carefree. Laugh when you want to and don't care about what people will think coz people are just overly mature creatures who don't have their own business to mind and ruin others happiness. Don't let that happen to you. If you have such people in your life kick them out. They don't deserve to be in your life. Try to listen to you'r parents advice always. Whatever they do or say is for your best (at times you might think they dont understand you but actually they do). Teachers.....well....don't mind if they scold you. Laugh it off and do the homework next time so that they don't get an excuse to scold you. Or better....don't ever do the homework. (but i cant guarantee if that wont get you into trouble and even if you get into trouble....just chill and curse the person who wrote this post and advised you to laugh all the time and not do the homework). And yea relationships.....yaar wo toh aate jate rahenge...why to cry about it? Even if you feel like crying tell your best friend (theres nothing shameful about telling your best friend about it) and am sure they will instantly cheer you up.And if you do find the one for you dont ever let go whatever happens. Don't hold grudges with anyone.....or else later you'll repent that how much time you wasted holding grudges. And EAT! It's not your age to get a size zero!

So with this I end my post here. Take Care. And don't forget to laugh!