Sunday, October 10, 2010

This too shall pass

Today morning when I opened the newspaper I found this column about how people suffer from different problems. Physical, mental. Someone suffering from a broken relationship, someone with financial problems...etc etc. All this while I thought that the problems from which I suffer like bad grades, fights with friends etc are the gravest problems of all. But looking at the dilemma of other people my silly problems seem nothing.

So as this blog is all about teenagers we will not talk about the BIG WORLDLY PROBLEMS. We'll talk about the teeny weeny tiny problems of teenagers which they interpret to be veryyy BIG! (Well actually they are big if you are a teenager)

So I'll just say one thing "This too shall pass". No big  saint like advices...nothing. Just a simple sentence. Whenever you are in a problem whatever it may be break up,falling grades, stupid friends, a video game in which you lose every time whatever...just take a deep breath...exhale chill out and think in your head..."It's not that it will go on forever. This too shall pass". Like after every cold, bone chilling winter...there is a beautiful and warm spring....after every cold dark night there is a bright sunny day...your grey days shall also pass. Even if there ain't a sunny day after a dark  night and its raining....think about u think its going to rain all year long..? No. Even if it does (which is actually not possible) adjust with it....and play in the mud puddles.

So I end my post here. Bye take care ,have a wonderful week ahead. Keep smiling. :)