Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reaching for heaven

Sorry didn't write in a while... was tangled with exams and everything with the new CCE pattern that came up..life has become really hectic. (I shouldn't say that life IS "hectic" because I dont know the actual meaning of hectic. I just go to school and come back compared to the people who work night shifts or even worse off financially or whatever I have a pretty much better life than them. So i dont have the right to say that life is hectic. But since am a kid and dont have any idea about the outside world I would say yeah my life's hell lot hectic!
Today am going to tell you a story, read on..

Nalco and Balco are best friends (dont confuse them with the aluminium factories). The eat together, have fun together , poop together and float together. Yes FLOAT together. Nalco and Balco are actually two fishes who were inseparable since they got out of their little fish egg shells. I don't know what their parents named  them before I bought them from a local aquarium. I just named them Nalco and Balco...because they....umm...look the same and...okay never mind.

"what do you want to be when you grow up?" asked Balco to Nalco.

"I  want to jump so high that i could touch the stars" replied Nalco.


"I want to feel the light of the stars, the coolness of the dark sky, the tranquility...everything...I want to reach for the heavens. I want to jump up so high that I could peek into the heavens and plop right back into this bowl."

"Dude you have lost your mind" said Balco.

"Hmm...maybe...but I want to be a jumper" replied Nalco.

"And I am hungry, look here comes our food..!" said Balco goggling up at food .

" I am bored of this shit." said Nalco .

"Dude C'mon, this stuff's heaven! You dont get this in the river do you? And if you are not going to eat this, good for me, am going to eat this all up! "

"And then you'll burst and then either you'll be flushed down the toilet or fed to the birds and cats. Fine am eating."

Nalco used to practice his jumping skills everyday. Jumping up, breathing in the direct oxygen mixed with pollution and plopping back into the water, panting.

"You are going to get yourself killed" said Balco making a straight face.

One night Nalco woke up Balco and said "I can feel it, today is the day . You my friend are going to see what no one will ever see ! "

"Stop irritating me in the middle of the night, it makes me hungry. Wait- dont tell me you are going to shave off your hair or scales...or ugghh...fine WHAT IS IT?"

"Just watch....I am reaching up for the heavens tonight. I'll plop back into the water and tell you what it's like. If  I am lucky I'll meet granny "

Saying this Nalco jumped like never before. He used all his power and pushed himself upwards, breathed in the air....breathed in the freedom...........and reached for the heaven

And he did reach the heavens- he died. Balco wouldnt eat. He would just float around lonely and aimless...in the still water waiting for his friend to plop back into the water.

My fish Nalco, actually did die. :(