Thursday, June 16, 2011

:| *random*

Sorry didn't write in a while. School's over. Sitting idle from the past 5 months. Nothing to do. Got no topics to write on (if you got any suggestions- please post it on the comments section below) . Aww life can be so boring sometimes. To cure my boredom I downloaded the movie "Julie and Julia" yesterday. It is such an AWESOME movie! I love it so much. Wish my life was like theirs. Cook whatever you want...whenever you want.... with no parents bickering "don't dirty the kitchen!"..or "Don't use up all the spices!". But isn't that supposed to be a challenge? Like if a recipe requires 10 cardamoms, and like you haven't got that much..what would you do? Quit and say ..."aww alright...let my mommy cook the dinner tonight"... or would you think "okay fine so what if i don't have 10 cardamoms...i'll figure out something ". Even though the taste wont be the same but experimenting is so much fun! To find the innumerable possibilities and the different dimensions of Less resources is what tests your level of creativity.

here are a few random things I cooked all this while...

chocolate cake

random cake

idk what it is ..but it tasted really good
banana shake

some coffee thingy

home made lassi *heaven* 
and a hara masala chicken, biryani and some really random chicken curry (forgot to take their pics)


Arun Kumar said...

I dont know how they tasted... but the 3rd thing and the lassi look uber enticing :D

Lilian Terra said...

:P :P

Rachana said...

Everything looks yummy except the random cake! That looks kind of scary! :D