Sunday, October 30, 2011


So plans of going to the home town place thingy got cancelled. Will go on Tuesday (maybe). Today went to a place called Canary park... didn't see any canaries... but anyways that place was really beautiful (and I saw gigantic spiders with huge I cant sleep tonight). Then went to the wildlife sanctuary to see deer and stuff. But sadly saw only two four legged herbivores (one of them was a cow) . Anyways the place was dusty and green. If you want to spoil any beautiful place in the world, call in the humans! Yes they are an expert plus they don't charge anything! Their services are free of cost! Even in that forest I could see chips packets and plastic bottles. A day will come when the animals will get into our houses and poop and I would say that they are doing the right thing.

Anyways mummy is cooking (hopefully) something good for me. I did this really massive hartal because mummy was feedin me only vegetables, and I guess the hartal worked (but I am still getting vegetables but cooked in a better way) .

Ever felt a strong urge to do something that you really want to do but you cant (I am not talking about potty) ? Well I am feeling the same way too, I want to do something for the animals, perhaps keep them in my own house but no one would permit me to do that and maybe I can get into trouble for that.

Anyways I have to go take my medz, season change..sniffing and coughing

Take care.. :) 


Freelancer said...

wow! you saw a cow! did u click pics ? :P

lol...have fun at your hometown